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Aftercare products available for in-store purchase

Smears Original Square-06.jpeg

ZandiK Original Deck Polish

Pumice and bamboo stem is used to gently but effectively exfoliate, along with Canadian willow herb that is a natural antibacterial to keep bumps away after a wax.


Bath Drops

Red seaweed is used for the castings around the drops and are completely environmentally friendly, dissolves in warm water. This is a relaxing easy way to get your skin hydrated. Features clary sage for pore cleansing and to regulate sebum production.  

Smears Sensitive Square-06_edited.jpg

ZandiK Deck Polish Sensitive

Uses the same ingredients for exfoliating as the original formula but with a little less pumice and bamboo stem. With added chamomile and comfrey to help sooth more sensitive skin. 

Fur Marketing images_edited.jpg

Fur Oil

This oil is the best! You can use it on your entire body. It really helps keep your skin hydrated between waxes. Uses clary sage oil as a natural anitbacterial to reduce redness, and tea tree oil as a natural antimicrobial to speed up healing as well as cleanses pores to keep them free from ingrowns. 

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