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Let's get to the root of things

Image by Gilles Lambert

At Bare Roots we believe that our bodies are like our plant friends, each unique and beautiful with our very own pruning needs that are specific to each one of us.


We are a full body waxing salon, we celebrate the body and all of its beauty by creating a space that is all about loving ourselves for who we are and what we offer from the heart. Removing the stigma of body hair having to be any specific way. Enjoy letting your roots grow and sprout between appointments and then come in, get all cleaned up and enjoy your silky smooth!

Waxing Services

Brazilian - The Pink Princess


French Bikini - Reverted Pink Princess


Bikini - Mini Pink Princess


Manzilian - The Florida Beauty


Mankini - The Florida Beauty Half


Between the Cheeks - The Jungle Boogie


Glutes - The Bonsai


Arms - The Billietiae


Half Arms - The Billietiae Half


Shoulders - The String of Turtles


Legs - The Lickity Split


Half Legs - The Lickity Split Half


Stomach - The String of Hearts


Half Stomach - The String of Pearls


Chest - The Albo Monstera


Pectorals - The Heart Leaf


Back - The Monstera


Half Back - The Monstera Half


Underarms - The Golden Pothos


Feet - The Dubia


Full Face - The Painted Lady


Eyebrows - The Ficus


Eyebrow Wax/Tint - The Fiddle Leaf Fig


Eyebrow Tint - The Painted Ficus


Lip - The Strawberry Shake


Sideburns - Devil's Ivy


Chin - The Gigas


Neck - The Bird's Nest Fern


Ears - The Elephant Ear


Nostrils - The Boston Fern


Inner/back of thigh


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